Month: February 2021

Animated Trees

Due to certain limitations, we have been unable to do animated trees in Blender – that is until now! There has been a new add-on available called Vegetation, that helps any animator make the perfect tree for their environment. Not only can we alter how the tree looks, but the wind strength can also be altered with the settings available. We will have trees for every weather with the randomize button, from a gentle breeze to a blowing gale.

Watch out world, Futhark Studios will now have moving trees in our animations!

Character Animation Just Got Easier

For a while now, we at Futhark Studios have been wanting a mocap suit to lessen the load for our animators; hand-animating is quite difficult, especially for complex human characters, and takes a considerable amount of time.

With a motion capture suit, we plan to release a lot more character video content – our current plan is to get our hands on a Rokoko suit. For future investments, our horizons are set on the XSens suit. Keep an eye out for future blogs about our progress!