Month: May 2021

Increasing Our Firepower With Textures

We have two new members to the Futhark Studios team: meet Christian and Joshua.While both are going to improve the textures in our scenes, each have their own areas of expertise that are going to take our animations to the next level!

Christian is tasked with environment set design and primary texturing. This involves any up-close shots that require high levels of detail.

Joshua will be taking care of the texturing on the models, as well as secondary textures for our backgrounds. While you may not be able to see the level of detail, it’s still there thanks to him!

With our two new additions, we will be able to completely customize the looks of any model, project or scene. We think that their skills speak for themselves in terms of the results from our latest pieces.

Here is a look at our current team!

  • Director – Alex
  • Editor – Juliette
  • Personal Assistant – Ava
  • 3D Modelling – Ahmed
  • Animation – Vikas
  • Textures – Christian & Joshua
  • Environment Design – Christian
  • Sound Design – Immersive Sound

Our team looks impressive so far! What’s next around the corner?

If you would like to join our Futhark Studios team, please contact us on the site!