Month: November 2021

A Look At Our Team So Far

Our team at Futhark Studios is getting to be very big now, and we’re so proud of everyone who works here. We all strive to create the best products we can, and we hope that shows in our work. If you’ve ever wondered who does what, this list can now tell you!

Alex – Director, CEO & Head of Futhark Studios

Juliette – Editor & CMO

Ava – Personal Assistant & Secretary

Ahmed – 3D Modeler

Vikas – Animator & Rigger

Dante – Animator

Chad – Rigger

Benjamin – Simulation Expert

Christian – Texture Artist

Joshua – UV & Texture Artist

Dylan – Environment Designer

Immersive Sound, Noelle and Kevin – Audio


Would you like to work for Futhark Studios? Send us an email via our contact form with your portfolio!

Simulating Cloth

As you may have seen, we have recently posted a new animation dedicated to NICKMERCS; this features a Spartan walking down a corridor, picking up his sword, and preparing for battle. Not only are our animations butter-smooth (thank you to Vikas and his team, as well as our brand new Xsens suit!), we have now learned the art of cloth simulation.

A glaringly obvious example of this is the cloak that sways as the Centurion walks. For our eagle-eyed viewers, you can also see the leather skirt shift with his body too. We’re hoping that with this small improvement, our characters feel more alive than before.

Perhaps in the future, we will be able to have the same level of simulations like that of Disney and Pixar? We can only hope, and see what the future holds for Futhark Studios.

The Power of XSens!

In a previous blog, we mentioned how we had ordered the Rokoko suit, and had plans to buy an Xsens in the future. That day is finally here!

This suit is perfect for our office, and is quick and simple to put on. Not only is it picking up the basic movements when recording, but it is able to note the shifts in weight as our actors perform and act out the sequence needed. With this new piece of tech at our disposal, our animations are only going to become even more advanced. Plus, it will help our animation team by giving them a foundation to build their work on; let’s hope that this Xsens suit will help take off some of the pressure of tight deadlines!