A Look At Our Team So Far

Our team at Futhark Studios is getting to be very big now, and we’re so proud of everyone who works here. We all strive to create the best products we can, and we hope that shows in our work. If you’ve ever wondered who does what, this list can now tell you!

Alex – Director, CEO & Head of Futhark Studios

Juliette – Editor & CMO

Ava – Personal Assistant & Secretary

Ahmed – 3D Modeler

Vikas – Animator & Rigger

Dante – Animator

Chad – Rigger

Benjamin – Simulation Expert

Christian – Texture Artist

Joshua – UV & Texture Artist

Dylan – Environment Designer

Immersive Sound, Noelle and Kevin – Audio


Would you like to work for Futhark Studios? Send us an email via our contact form with your portfolio!

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