Falcon x Jahez

R1 is an upcoming racing game hosted by ESL, one of the largest esports organizations in the world. FaZe, a popular esports and gaming organization, has been selected to participate in the R1 game and was tasked with creating a promotional video showcasing their team’s virtual racing car. To bring their vision to life.

The project required M3 to create a racing car animation sponsored by Porsche, showcasing the virtual racing car that FaZe would use in the R1 game. The animation needed to be visually appealing, with realistic car movements and graphics, and reflect the high-performance nature of both the virtual car and Porsche.

The final animation exceeded everyone’s expectations and received high praise from FaZe. The video shared on social media and helped to generate excitement for the R1. The high-quality animation and attention to detail reflected positively on both FaZe and Porsche and helped to reinforce their commitment to performance and innovation.