Rocket League – WORLDS 2022

We were approached by Rocket League to create a trailer for the RLCS 2022 event.

Working closely with the Rocket League team, we began by researching the game and its community in order to understand what would appeal to fans of the game. We also worked to understand the goals and objectives of the RLCS event, in order to create a trailer that would effectively promote it.

Using our expertise in cinematography and storytelling, we created a dynamic and exciting trailer that showcased the fast-paced action and intense competition of Rocket League.
The result was a trailer that effectively captured the spirit of Rocket League and the excitement of the RLCS event. It was well-received by the Rocket League community and helped to promote the RLCS 2022 event and generate excitement among fans.

Overall, the work on the RLCS 2022 trailer was a success.